About us

The Outside the Bracket team is made up entirely of game lovers. We know almost any project that has been released or is only planned to be launched on computers, consoles, and mobile devices. We are glad to share all this knowledge with our readers. We carefully work on the search, testing, and selection of products that are really worth your attention.

What you will find on our website:

  • expert reviews of games and applications for different platforms;

  • constantly updated catalog of projects;

  • screenshots, download links, and system requirements data;

  • thematic collections by genre and ratings.


Our goal is to help each visitor choose an item to their liking, therefore, we provide information about the most different projects. We constantly follow the news, upcoming updates, and the release of brand new products and write about all that stuff on the site.


You can trust our experts, as we do not cooperate with developers and profit from advertising. Our reviews and ratings are as honest and unbiased as possible. Whether you are looking for a simple game for one night or want to make a longtime reality escape, we've got you covered! Don't waste your time; trust our authors.