Tales of the Aswang VR
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Tales of the Aswang VR review

Dive into a mythological adventure like you've never seen before. Welcome to the world of Tales of the Aswang.
Tales of the Aswang is a VR game that explores the myths and the epic creatures of Filipino oral tradition compiled from books written by Maximo Ramos and stories passed on through generations of storytelling and remembrance.
Experience Filipino mythology from the eyes of Juno, a young boy who stumbles upon the world of the Kapre, a Cigar Smoking Tree Giant, and is dragged into a quest that calls for bravery and a sense of wonder. In this journey, Juno is to made to find the Kapres eyes in a land full of creatures of legend like the Manananggal (Half-bodied Flying Succubus), Pugot Mamu (Headless Child Eating Ghouls), Duendes (Goblin Earth Spirits).
Walk and climb through the woods, solve puzzles, find artifacts, notes, and letters to unravel the magic world of the Aswang. Using VR to truly LIVE this mysterious world, the experience assimilates music composed using traditional Filipino instruments from the islands of Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon, coupled with modern strings and piano.


  • Immersive Gameplay: The puzzles, monsters, hidden narratives, and objects are items that will tickle your imagination and help you uncover the mysteries that lie ahead, bringing you to a deeper understanding and a realistic experience of Philippine mythology.
  • Striking Graphics: Filipino folklore legends and creatures made larger than life in a full VR experience.
  • Mythology: The story is based from oral mythological tales compiled from books written by Maximo Ramos, Creatures of Philippine Lower Mythology, Luisa Igloria, Cordillera Tales, as well as word of mouth and stories remembered and passed on throughout the years.
  • Music: The sound used in the game was composed using traditional Filipino instruments from the islands of Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon coupled with modern strings and piano.
  • Behind The Scenes: Over 90 minutes of commentary by the game developers give you an in-depth look into the Tales of the Aswang

This game was a one-man project, created and produced in one year of development as a thesis project for the Parsons School of Design and has been featured in the:
  • NYC Media Lab
  • Unity Developer Day
  • Games for Change Festival
  • Cache (Parsons School of Design Fall Showcase)
  • Playtech Spring NYC
  • Indiecade East 2018
  • Playtech Fall NYC
  • NYU Game Center Incubation Showcase
  • Unfolding (Parsons School of Design Spring Showcase)

Step into the shoes of a young boy in the face of the legends of the night and how those relationships can win back his eyes.

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