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3dSunshine review

About This Software

We're building the future of gaming. 3dSunshine utilizes the cutting edge technology of the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch to allow gamers to change and shape their favorite game worlds. We take your Minecraft world to the next level by taking the math out of big builds. Now building massive space ships for Space engineers is as simple as a flick of the wrist. With our intuitive toolset you can free-build gigantic structures in no time flat. And we're not stopping with Minecraft and Space Engineers.
The future of 3dSunshine is expansive. Soon, the only limitations video games will have is the imagination of the massive collective of gamers who edit them.


Do you need to have Minecraft installed to use 3dSunshine?
Nope! You only need to have Minecraft if you'd like to export your builds to Minecraft. Which you should, because it's awesome and Minecraft is awesome. Go get it!
Can I use Vivecraft with 3dSunshine?
Can you use Windows 10 Minecraft with 3dSunshine?
Sadly, no. We're only compatible with Java Minecraft, this might change if Microsoft develops a tool to convert Java world files to Windows 10 world files.
What game are you planning to support next?
We're not sure! If you have a request for a game you'd like to see supported let us know on the forum. If you're a developer who would like to see your game supported email us at [email protected]
Is GTA 5 coming to 3dSunshine?
We added some limited GTA 5 support to 3dSunshine, but it's unlikely that we'll release it to the public. Why? Because it requires the user's GTA 5 game to be heavily modded and we think it's somewhat overly complicated for our users.

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