HEX Hacking Simulator
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HEX Hacking Simulator review

Use your communication skills to bypass internet security measures, and successfully hack into the most secure banks. Choose to take on the role as Hacker, taking direction to disarm each protocol; or Control, and relay instructions to your partner.
As the hacker, you are the heart of the operation. You're the one in the midst of the danger, and the only one with visuals of the bank's database. Following instructions that Control gives you, you must make your way through all the bank's security measures in able to withdraw funds to your account. Every mistake made can cause a potential detection in the system, initiating a lock out. Stay cautious as White Hats may try to trace you, resulting in a total lockdown - leaving yourself and Control without any loot. Choose your partner wisely, it might just be the difference between wealth and imprisonment.
As Control, you are the brains of the operation. Staying in a remote location, you won't have a direct visual of the bank's security, but you will have access to the tools that the Hacker needs in order to penetrate the database. You are responsible for safely guiding the Hacker past security measures, and into the victim's system. Wrong instruction relayed to the Hacker may result in their imprisonment. Find out what the hacker is able to see, and with that information you will be able to unlock vulnerabilities in the system, and then relay instructions back to the hacker on how to bypass security measures.
In the end the only way to guarantee a successful transfer is to work together and stay in constant communication. If one person fails, so does the other.
Good luck and stay hidden.

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